Shipping Policy

Business & shipping days
Our business and shipping days are Monday through Friday and do not include holidays and weekends. However, from time to time we may ship on holidays and weekends.  We generally ship United States Postal Service (USPS) but reserve the right to use other carriers as we may deem more appropriate for your particular order.

When we ship
We ship items out as soon as possible but this will not always be the same day as your order. In general, please add 2 to 3 business days to allow for processing time. This also allows you to check your initial email receipt to make sure that your order is entirely correct, and to let us know before we ship if there are any issues.

Gear Items
Shipment of non supplement items take longer because we outsource that service. Consequently, the delivery time frames are estimates. Please read the the information in the Shipping tab(s) on the page(s) of the item(s) you ordered to better understand shipping time frames for those items.

Confirmation of purchase
Once you place an order you can view it in your account area on our website. Also, you will receive an email confirming your order shortly after you’ve placed it. This will contain your order information and depending on delivery method, a tracking number.  If you see a tracking number, track away! If not, read the rest of this document. It will help clarify for you likely delivery time frames. (If you don’t receive an email in your in-box, please check your Spam folder.)

Shipping rates
We ship domestically and internationally. Shipping rates to you are dependent upon quantity purchased, the carrier we use for your order and the shipping address you give at checkout. The actual shipping fee to your location will be displayed at the time of checkout, and before you purchase, but, is subject to change. (Prices are shown in US dollars.)

It’s possible, but not likely, that your shipping fees will be higher than what you paid when you purchased. This is because 1) we may have to choose another carrier for your order that costs more, or 2) occasionally the shipping carrier you initially paid with at checkout may have changed their fees. Those fee changes may not have, as of the time you ordered, made it into our shipping schedule. If either of these are the case, we will bill you only for the difference between what you paid and the new shipping price. And if that price change is actually lower, we will credit you the difference.

International shipments
We do ship internationally with few exceptions. Please note that you, the purchaser, are responsible for any additional fees that may get tacked onto your order, such as, but not limited to: VAT, tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, customs clearance charges, unknown or unforeseen fees, etc., required by your country for importing consumer goods. We do not collect ancillary fees before hand on your or your country’s behalf and can’t give you an estimate of the costs because it varies significantly around the world. Please do your own research so you’re ready to solve any other cost hurdles required by you and your country, state, province, etc., to receive your shipment. Also, we may charge your International order a higher shipping price to increase the odds of getting your order “sooner,” and in our sole discretion.

Sometimes international shipping arrive timely, sometimes not. It’s a super drag when your shipment gets hung up in their system but we cannot do a darn thing about that, much as we’d like to. Once we’ve shipped your order, that completes our fulfillment services to you; at that time we’ve done all we can possibly do. The shipper is now in charge, not us.

Therefore, for the occasions when the shipper is late – or very late – in delivering your shipment, to learn when you’ll receive your shipment, you MUST contact the shipper yourself, not us, to sort out the delay. (We’re not the shipper!) You’re certainly welcome to contact us if you wish to, but we have less power than you do to get a delayed shipment to you. In these rare super delayed shipment cases, please hang in there; be patient, it will arrive – just later than both of us wish. Thank you in advanced for your understanding and cooperation on this.

Timing of your delivery
As a general guideline only (again, because we are not the shipper and do not control the shipping process), domestic shipping may take 2 to 6 days from the day your shipment is physically in the carrier’s system. Delivery to carriers generally takes place 1 to 2 days after your order is placed. International shipments will take longer to reach you. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we cannot guarantee delivery dates. After we deliver your shipment to the carrier, your shipment is in their able and professional hands. But we cannot guarantee actual arrival dates of your order due to shipping factors utterly and entirely outside of our control.

Shipping delays
If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, bad weather anywhere in the world that impacts the carrier system (whether in your area or not), other factors out of our control, any domestic or international shipping issues or Acts of God, shipments may be delayed. In these cases, please allow additional days for delivery. Remember you can log into your account and track your order. Once the order is in the carrier system, there will be more information tracking your order with the tracking number there than we’ll have. Nonetheless, do feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions regarding your order status. (Just bear in mind we cannot do anything about your order once in the carrier’s system.)

Also, if any part of your order contains back-ordered or out of stock item(s), we will ship your total & completed order when the back-ordered or out of stock item(s) are received by us. This way you get everything at one time. However, if you don’t want to wait, you may specify to us that we “split” your order, that you wish the parts of your order that are currently in stock be shipped in advance. Simply let us know at checkout by using the Customer Notes field. Waiting for back-ordered or out of stock item(s) to come in so that you will receive you order all at one time will delay your shipment.

Security and coupon use review
We reserve the right to hold any order for a security or coupon use review. If your order is affected, you will be notified within 2 business days. We reserve the right to deny the use of any coupon, in our sole discretion.

Once your order is in the able hands of the mailing system, they, not we, are liable for any products lost or damaged from that point on. If you do not receive your order or it is received damaged, please let us know but also contact the shipment carrier and file a claim. At this point, it’s between you and the carrier. Please save all packaging materials and damaged goods before filing a claim.

Shipped but undelivered product, et al.
We ship to the address information you give when you order. If your order fails to reach your for any of the following reasons, or similar…..
– Return To Sender
– Unable To Forward
– Undeliverable
– Refused
– Not Claimed or Unclaimed
– Address Not Found
– Address Insufficient (We ship to the address you give us).
– Moved
– Not Admitted
….. it becomes the purchaser’s sole responsibility to contact the Carrier to settle the matter, or the shipping party (us), to discuss the matter. The company is not responsible for contacting the purchaser for reshipment under these conditions, but the company reserves the right to reship at the purchaser’s cost. If the shipment is to be reshipped, the cost of reshipping will be borne solely by the purchaser.

Thanks in advance for your understanding!


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